$1,000.00 USD

3-Part Hand Analysis Illumination Sessions

I will be in contact with you to set up the first session. It will be an hour. Of course, if I don't already have digital photos of your palms and/or hand prints, that will be required. 

What we will cover:

  • Identifying your Life Purpose and Lesson through your fingerprints - these are soul agreements. Your fingerprints never change.
  • The lines in your hands and their relationship with each other identify very specific motivations, behaviors and inclinations. 
  • Your hand shape and the "set" of your fingers where they meet the palm also provide tangible insights about what matters to you. 

It is preferred these sessions happen within 6 weeks - every week or every other week. It's easier to keep the pieces flowing in the pattern of your hands. 

What People Are Saying:

Pamelah saw something deeper in me AND communicated it to me with so much love that my heart grew 10x bigger. She saw my purpose as a mother. And the way she communicated it to me was beautiful, she was able to crack my shell, and still does. Yes, Pameluv, you do. You expand me. I love you for who you are, but no one has the kind of power to see me like you do and it is nearly impossible to separate who you are from what you do for me just by being you.

Dawn Nocera, Maverick

The knowledge you are able to give people is life changing and is so helpful for them to live their best lives My time with you has been life altering, I’ve learned to live my life to the fullest and embrace my gifts in ways I never even knew or thought was possible.

Drew Jacobsen, Associate Director of Operations, Richardson, TX