Welcome to the world of Hand Analysis.Ā 

If you're familiar with palmistry, you're probably expecting predictions and fortune telling with anything related to hands. I get it. That's what familiar..

However, Hand Analysis is a science-based system that uses the hands,Ā just like palmistry. Yet it's different.

The difference is that Hand Analysis doesn't provide future predictions. It provides language to decode your Life Purpose, your Sacred Soul contracts, how you are designed to communicate, how you are wired to interact with the world.Ā 

In the Free Report on Heart Lines/Love Lines I share information to help you understand how you are designed to communicate your feelings - specifically.Ā  Love lines/Heart LinesĀ are one very significant part of your hands.

Your heart line design may be completely different than theĀ people you love or interact with regularly. For example, there are 5 different styles of communication, which you will learn about in the report.

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