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Pamelah Landers

Author, Intuitive, Hand Analyst 


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Hand Analysis

A science-based form of Palmistry, Hand Analysis uses your hand markings to decode your soul agreement design.

Each hand marking identifies very specific truths about your soul agreements. The lines can change. The fingerprints never do. Thus, your fingerprints determine Your Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School Soul Contracts. 


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Trust Your Intuition

Trusting your intuition, your gut, your inspirations, insights and downloads creates more ease on your life. 

What is your intuitive style? When you know that, you know what to trust.

Do you hear things, see things, feel things in your body, "just know" or maybe have cognitive insight.




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Universal Principles Applications

Applying universal energetic laws such as "ask and it is given" or "everything is a vibrational match" support your life to receive what you are asking for. 

Applying these universal principles is a constant in my world. They experiences show up in  private readings and group classes.




Hand Analysis Sessions

Each line in your hand, your hand shape and your fingerprints identify specific aspects of who you are. You carry your soul map with you. As a Hand Analyst, I decode these markings into easy-to-understand language you can relate to. Tangible next steps are provided for you.



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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I'm Pamelah Landers, Expert Master Hand Analyst and Master Intuitive Mentor for leaders. 



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Jeffrey Van Dyk, CEO, The Courageous Messenger

“I've worked with Pamelah intensively. she is the guide I continue to turn to when I know something new is emerging in my life or business and I need to make sense of where I'm at and the direction I'm meant to head. She helps me understand how to navigate my path forward, taking more and more ownership of my gifts and design along the way. Pamelah’s insights about applying my gifts in the leadership realm are so right on” 

Dawn Nocera, Santa Clara, CA 

Pamelah saw something deeper in me AND communicated it to me with so much love that my heart grew 10x bigger. She saw my purpose as a mother. And the way she communicated it to me was beautiful, she was able to crack my shell, and still does. Yes, Pameluv, you do. You expand me. I love you for who you are, but no one has the kind of power to see me like you do and it is nearly impossible to separate who you are from what you do for me just by being you.