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 Hi, I'm Pamelah. Welcome to the world of Hand Analysis 

Thanks for stopping by! In 1991 I found myself learning the science-based form of palmistry, called Hand Analysis. It was an immediate "yes" for me and I've been reading hands for people around the world since then - that is more than 3 decades.

I've looked at over 50,000 hands and have supported people in being seen and self-accepting through this system. Plus, I've created multiple books and audios on this content. Check out the Store!

I love to see the relief on people's faces and relaxed bodies when I provide language that resonates with them by talking about one or more hand markings. I see patterns in hands, too!

My passion is to decode your hand markings. In that process, you can feel more self-accepting, self-loving and also have language to share with others about your design.

My ultimate desire is that in your relationships you seek and receive more intimacy because you are being true to yourself, your design.

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What I provide

Permission and relief - that's what my clients tell me. 

Mostly I do virtual readings. All I need are digital photos of your palms. We meet on Zoom and talk about the specific line formations, hand shape and your fingerprints which identify soul agreements (Life Purpose and Life Lesson.) Your gifts also show up in your hands. I have a bunch so I know what's like to be gifted. 


Individuals or couples (spouses, lovers, dating partnerships)


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Families, girlfriend groups, bachelorette party and/or friends



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