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Whorl Fingerprints in Nature

fingerprints hand analysis whorl Apr 29, 2024

People ask, "What does a whorl fingerprint look like?"  It looks like a bullseye. Here are 5 different ways whorls could appear on your hands. 

Fingerprint Patterns of Whorls in Nature

Not everybody has these patterns. Whorls are one of four fingerprint patterns that appear on our fingertips. And for some people, in the palms. There are additional blog posts about the other fingerprint patterns.

Isn't it amazing that the same ridge formations appear in nature, in humans, in's like we are all connected through these wave form patterns. 

As you can see, tiny line formations (skin ridges) also appear in similar formation in these nature examples. The official technical word is "Dermatoglyphics" which means skin (dermato) carvings (glyphics.)

Nature is our mirror and a support system for us. 

In Hand Analysis, your fingerprint patterns identify your soul agreements of Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School.

Since fingerprints are formed by 16 weeks after conception (5 months before you are born) and never change, the Soul Contract/ Agreement is permanently marked right there, in your biology

You take your hands with you wherever you go so you are carrying this soul contract with you as well. 


p..s see additional blogs on more details about fingerprint formation and styles.

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