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Are Gift Markings on our hands at birth?

gift marking hand analysis palmistry talent Apr 29, 2024

Gift Markings at Birth

Most of the 19 Gift Markings do not appear on hands at birth. The exceptions are head and heart lines: Persephone, Simian Crease and the Pure Heart, Hal 9000 (also called the Octopus Brain, Mega Computer Brain and/or Gifted Problem Solver),

The Hal 9000/Gifted Problem Solver head line is shown with arrows. The head line goes across the hand and is straight and long.

There is also an image of Simian Crease with arrows (and it's titled) as another Gift Marking formation that usually comes with birth.   

Why, then, would a Gift Marking appear? What could create that to happen? Although there isn’t a definitive answer that applies to everybody, here are some options.

  1. Circumstances of your life require you to have an extra talent or skill to deal with what you’ve been given. For example, you may create a Star of Mars, providing extra courage to face an abusive family life or to take some courageous risks for a calling or mission.
  2. You are designed for a bigger life than your fingerprints can create: a Star of Apollo appears because you are being asked to be a big time visible, creatively expressive person in the world.
  3. You are being asked to solve a big, complex, complicated issue and need the mental capacity and relational database to solve it so the Hal 9000/Octopus Brain head line appears (see hand print example). 

These are possibilities of why a Gift Marking may appear. Because they are line formations, change can happen: lines appear, disappear, change direction, deepen or lighten.

I’ve had Gift Markings disappear. For example, at one point I had 8 Stars of Jupiter when I was teaching classes in Texas. When that 18 months was complete, over about a year 4 of them disappeared. They weren’t needed.

I used to have a Line of Clairvoyance but over recent years I’ve integrated my psychic skills and owned that I’m a highly gifted Intuitive so I don’t need the line as a constant reminder and pressure to meet the requirements. More importantly I’ve faced the student path of alienation from my inner guidance, owned it and don’t feel alienated from it any more, thus not stagnating in my life.

You may wonder if disappearing is a benefit. Consider this: each Gift Marking has a challenge side to it, the student path, that seems to carry more extreme consequences than other markings in the hands. Not using a Gift Marking enough to satisfy you at a soul level can cause more discomfort and more heartache than other hand markings.

If you have integrated a Gift Marking enough for what you need, the marking may disappear as well as the life challenges of not using it.

Some Gift Markings are specifically focused on a “career path” while others are more focused on a style of being. For example, a Star of Apollo is a specifically-focused marking: Fame and Fortune in the Arts. However, a Star of Mars is about expressing exceptional and sometimes spiritual or physical courage. That can be done any place at any time, more a style of being Gift.

As a holder of one or more Gift Markings, you may not recognize your talent as being anything extra. It feels natural, easy to you. It should. Just don’t downplay the importance of it in your life as a center of soul satisfaction. Notice it and honor it. It’s your Gift. Use it and enjoy it to create a life you love to live.

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