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Being Influential - The Jupiter/Index Finger

hand analysis influential jupiter leadership palmistry Apr 29, 2024

I was looking at my hands the other day, waiting for somebody to join me on Zoom. I keep my magnifying glass next to my computer for such occasions. 

I was counting how many line formations I have on both hands under my index finger, called Jupiter. I have a lot! Some people call this the pointer finger. 

In fact, it's one of the busiest sections of my hands for line markings.  

Jupiter markings on the master path exhibit these leaderships skills:
~ leadership
~ being influential
~ being a visionary 
~ especially being in one's power 
~ protecting your turf  
~ living your passions
~ especially in an advocacy role.

I like the language of "influential" because it seems easier to relate to. Over the years of reading hands I've had people balk at the word "leadership" even if they are designed for it. Influential feels more palatable and relatable.

I own I'm an influential person. I like that about myself. I appreciate that I know this to be true. It also requires me to conscious of my approach, attitude, tone of voice and responsibility with being influential. 

Here are some hand markings that may show up on your hands if being influential is part of your design. 

The picture below is of a Star of Jupiter - 3 lines intersecting at one point. 

I have 4 of these. Two are on the mound below the index finger so you can see them, like in this hand print. The other two sit off the side of my hand. They don't appear on hand prints unless somebody specifically prints that area. 

The Star of Jupiter has an additional leadership style of being ambitious, driven, and a super-achiever beyond the characteristics listed above. Yikes! Over the top!

Boy, can I relate! I need to have multiple projects happening or I become antsy, feeling like I'm falling behind and not "being as influential as I could be." That inner drive and ambition never go away. 

Right now I'm writing two books, crocheting a blanket, and doing some art projects when I feel called - like making cards.

 In addition to the four Jupiter Stars, I also have the markings below.  

This one is the "Ambitious Fate Line" and the right is called a "High Set Jupiter."   

The ambitious fate line is about task completion, to simplify. The fate line normally heads to the middle finger (Saturn). When it goes all the way over the Jupiter, it adds even more drive and ambition, more task achieving pressure and a design to keep "getting things done." 

I feel so soulfully satisfied, between the Jupiter Stars and the ambitious fate line, when I'm accomplishing things that matter.

For example, in the 33 years I've been a hand analyst, I've read over 50,000 hands, have published 17 books (some printed, mostly in e-book format), 49 audios on hands topics and taught many, many classes on multiple topics. 

And that's just on hand analysis! I do this in all parts of my life.

I'm driven, ambitious by design and I like honoring that. It feels good!

When people try to contain me, it doesn't go well. If I'm questioned about my desire to keep doing things and work a lot of hours, that's my business and not anybody else's. Even when I'm "on vacation" I do stuff. I may take a nap as part of my regular day and that feels like I'm accomplishing something needed for me. 

I like being influential with my products. It satiates my needs to be true to my design. 

If you have Jupiter Stars and/or an ambitious fate line, acknowledging your drive and ambition could feel really hot ― self-loving and self-appreciating.

This hand print, the "high set Jupiter," has a high need for respect. It's called this because the finger meets the palm at or above the same place the Saturn/middle finger meets the palm. 

The need for respect starts with me. Where am I self-respecting? Where am I not? The student path is hostility. When I feel disrespected, I know right away because I feel a sense of hostility. It can get my hackles up!

For example, I'm super self-respecting about my skill with hand analysis, readings, writing, teaching classes. People can't knock me off of that self-respecting place.

However, if somebody came over and noticed I hadn't dusted in a week or two and had an issue with it, I could immediately jump to hostility because I'm not self-respecting with house work. I don't like it and only do the minimum. 

I'd much rather being creating  - anything but housework!

Because I am so ambitious, I have products available in my "Store, if you'd like to check it out! Click here 

By the way, Jupiter is covered in a lot of detail in the e-book on Public Requirements Gift Markings.

The book focuses on the Star of Jupiter specifically yet the language can apply to the  Ambitious Fate Line in many ways. If you have Jupiter marked as Life Purpose or Life Lesson (that would be identified in a hand analysis session which you may already know!) much of the info in the e-book will apply.

Being influential - how does that feel to you? Do you align with it? Own it? Express it? Honor it? 

Or does it feel like a challenge sometimes like it is just too hard to handle? 

I feel both parts of this depending on my day and circumstances. That's pretty normal. However, honoring it feels the best!

Pamelah Landers
Artist, Author, Intuitive, Hand Analyst

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