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Composite Whorl Fingerprints

composite whorl blog fingerprints hand analysis palmistry Feb 14, 2024
Pamelah Landers
Composite Whorl Fingerprints

Composite Whorl fingerprint patterns (see chart below) most commonly appear on your thumbs or index/Jupiter fingers. They can appear on any finger and even in the palm (very rarely).

These fingerprint examples are from actual clients.

Composite whorls have a language of their own. These markings, to me, say (at a soul level) you have agreed to experience the "full spectrum" of master path (ease, flow) and student path (resistance to flow) for the location where they reside - in a more in-depth way than having another fingerprint pattern in that location.

For example, on the right thumb, you could move from the  master path "success" experience" to "feeling like you've failed" (student path) in a more full spectrum or even dramatic way than somebody who has this finger marked as Life Purpose with a different pattern (spiral whorl or loop, for example.)

As a reminder, fingerprints are formed by 16 weeks after conception (5 months before you are born) and never change. They are soul agreements/soul contracts.

When I learned to read hands, the conversation about composites was that it is an "on/off" switch.

As you can see from the fingerprint examples, they look like yin/yang symbols, which is about the feminine/masculine energies. 

Over the years as I've talked with thousands of clients or students using this language, I realized something more was wanting to be explored. One day I did some research on yin/yang symbols, since that is the visual formation of how they appear. Then I started applying it to the conversation about Composite whorls. It changed the conversation. 

As I was talking with my dear friend Dawn in 2017, who has one as does her son, and I started using the language of feminine/masculine energies applying to this marking, it made so much more sense to her. And to me.

Audio Product on Composite Whorls

A few years ago I created a 55-minute audio product on Composite Whorls that talks about composites from the yin/yang perspective, which is something unique I've brought to the conversation.

Composite Whorl example
In applying the yin/yang conversation to Composites, what changes is talking about "feminine and masculine" energy vs. "on/off."

What I am saying now is that instead of a switch going off, or on, you move between the masculine (doing) energy to the feminine (receiving/ listening) energy. It changes the entire perspective.

Composite Whorls (purchasing info)

You can order it here with a CC or Apple Pay. Or you can send money from Zelle, Venmo or PayPal. Please ask if you don't have that info for me.


The topics include:
1. Introduction to Composite Whorls
2. The traditional conversation
3. Definition of the yin/yang symbol and applying it to Composite whorls
4. Composite Whorl (master and student path) on right Thumb
5. Composite Whorl (master and student path) on left Thumb
6. Composite Whorl (master and student path) on right index/Jupiter finger
7. Composite Whorl (master and student path) on left index/Jupiter finger

If you have one or more composites, these insights could help you relax a bit more about your choices, recognize the patterns of being in the feminine vs masculine energy in your body and trust your process with more clarity. When you are very familiar with the "masculine mode" of doing and taking action, then the feminine aspects wants to be included it changes your "output". It's part of your design with a composite to recognize this pattern for you personally.


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