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Gift Markings - an Introduction to these specific line formations

Apr 29, 2024

Introduction to Gift Markings (excerpt each of the 4 books on Gift Markings)

One category of line formations in hands is called Gift Markings. These markings represent extra potential talents. If you have one, it is a very BIG deal. If you have more than one, it’s an even bigger deal.


What is a Gift Marking?

  1. Gift Markings are line formations on the palms or fingers.
  2. Gift Markings identify Extra Potential Talent.
  3. There are 19 distinct Gift Markings that may appear in a person’s hands.
  4. Approximately 10% of the population has some type of Gift Marking. That means 90% of the population have no line formations called Gift Markings.
  5. Each individual Gift Marking may appear on as little as 1-2% of the population.
  6. Multiples of an individual Gift Marking on your hands may put you in 1% or less of the population.
  7. Each Gift Marking is to be considered an extra special growth opportunity and expression addition to the fingerprints identifying your Life Purpose, your DNA marking your soul agreement. Often Gift Markings augment and help identify more details about how you are designed to express your Life Purpose.
  8. In some cases, a Gift Marking may be even more prominent than fingerprints and require more attention. That’s how important a Gift Marking can be.

How Many Gift Markings are Common?

       About 10% or maybe 15% of the worldwide general population has at least one Gift Marking. That means 85% to 90% don’t have these extra potential talent line formations.

Some people have two or three (maybe about 7% of the population), and fewer people have more than three, estimating between 6% and 1% or less of the population. My experience is that if you 7 or more Gift Markings, you are in the top 3% of the population. That means 93% of the population doesn’t have the design to understand you. Not that they don’t want to. They don’t know how. More on that later.

I have twelve different Gift Markings and some are multiples (for example, three Stars of Jupiter which is why I could complete this book!) Life can be complex as you learn how to integrate these markings to work together.

If you have multiple Gift Markings, sometimes one of them tends to be dominant over the others. This is something I determine when I'm reading your hands. 

Extra Potential Talent

With each Gift Marking comes the requirement of expressing this Extra Potential Talent. If not used, life can be more difficult, more stressful, more challenging than for those without Gift Markings.

If you have multiple Gift Markings, you can feel the additional pressure much of the time, if not all the time, to “do more” with your life. It’s like there is something missing if you don’t take action to express your Gift Marking.  Or a hand pressing on your back. Relentlessly. Being gifted is not an easy life all the time. It take consciousness and support more than hands without Gift Markings.

In order to be soulfully happy, truly, using your Gift Markings is a requirement. Nothing can substitute for it. The trick is using it ‘enough’ for soul satisfaction.

Let me say here that people who do not have Gift Markings may not appreciate the pressure you are under all the time. Nor will they always understand what you are faced with to express soul satisfaction. The more Gift Markings you have, the more challenging this issue could be in relationships.

They may be jealous of your talent or try to contain you, hold you to their vision of you for their own comfort and not  see you, see what you need to live the life your Gift Markings require. Or they aren’t designed to see who you are.

If you have many Gift Markings and are in partnership with somebody else who has many Gift Markings, but their markings are different, this provides another extra challenge. Of course, it can be managed within the context of your relationship but understanding what each of you is facing is important for success.

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