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Heart Lines (Love Lines) in the Hands

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Let's look at one aspect of lines in your hands that everybody has: Your Love Style. Your heart lines identify how you express love and want love expressed to you, how you share your feelings. It provides specific language, specific words for your already designed and living expression style.  

They also provide insight about your preferences for others to show love to you and how you best receive their emotional communications. 

Heart Lines/Love Lines 

There are 4 distinct communication styles of expressing feelings and love identified by the heart lines. Each heart line or love line type has its own set of styles of expression and needs for communication, for feeling loved.

When I first published my book on heart lines in 2002, I had this vision that everybody's relationships would be better if they "just understood the heart line types of the people in their lives." Then in 2009 I published a book on heart lines for people who are dating, Relationship Success for Singles

While writing the first book I was so ignited by the passion of the possibility that there would be fewer divorces if partners would take the time to learn their husband's or wife's style of feeling loved.

I had already seen evidence of this in couple's readings. By knowing what motivates their partner, there was improved communication. More space. More allowance, More compassion. More connection and intimacy.

Less judgment, fewer critical remarks and certainly less "why aren't you like me?" expectations. Such a relief.

I remember talking with Patty and Bill. Completely opposite heart lines from each other. She's reserved and cautious and he is designed to express his feelings. It was getting in the way of a satisfying sex life because cautious Patty was holding back sharing her feelings about what she wanted. Desiring him to "ask her specifically" caused so many miscommunications and resentments. Bill was oblivious to what she needed and she wasn't telling him. 

When I explained the differences in their heart line types, there was this big "aha!" moment for both. Bill realized that conversation about their sex was best for Patty when they could communicate with lots of space for her to express. To talk during sex was too much pressure.

So, they created regular times of singly focusing on what worked and what didn't for each of them outside of the bedroom, at a time when they were both emotionally present and feeling connected in other ways. Then Patty felt safe enough to share her feelings.  

Their relationship improved hugely because they understood each other's needs to communicate about this aspect of their intimacy. 

It's amazing how this one line in the hands has so much information that impacts all relationships when communicating feelings are involved, when intimacy and deeper connection are at the forefront.

Outside of adult partnerships, since everybody has heart lines, this information applies to work situations, family and friends. Everybody's heart lines are present in each emotional communication.

Imagine as parents knowing your children's heart line styles. Wow! That could really shift things. What if your children have different heart line styles than the you? Whoa! So much potential for miscommunication and not feeling loved as a result. Learning their love styles can help so much to communicate in ways that serve both the parents and the children. 

I talked with some people in the school system a few years ago about how magical and helpful it would be if teachers knew how to read heart lines and looked at each child's hands. If it were part of the curriculum in school for the teachers to have some understanding of a children's design - it would create so much relief for everybody. It's a fantasy and yet one that I know could make a difference. 

I am so passionate about this topic! It makes me so happy when people are being true to their design...because they just feel better! They tell me they feel relieved and often permission to be true to their design. 

For Single People
I also could see from talking with single women and men that if they knew their heart line types and the heart line types of people they were dating, it would clarify so much about how to be heard and be seen by one's dating partner. Plus, from the beginning they would be aware of  obvious differences and similarities. Duh!

I recall one of my girlfriends saying, "Buying your book is way less expensive than buying something to wear on a first date or getting my nails done! And so much more helpful!"

One of my girlfriends sends me hand photos of the man she's dating to have me confirm what heart line type(s) she sees. She has my book and uses it often to understand a new dating partner. There is one heart line type that is not very compatible for her heart line type. Once she knows, she can make better and more informed choices.

In my book Relationship Success for Singles I also share examples of how to be your heart line type when you are dating. I recently reread this book. It's really good!

So many great stories for first, second and third dates and being yourself, where you might falter (lose yourself) and how to work with that, what to remember to keep yourself honest with you about communication process. Ways to prevent yourself from molding and reshaping into somebody you are not - that ultimately just can't work! (I hear this way more than I want from singles who are dating!)

I hope this information helps with an brief introduction to the value of knowing your heart lines. You can check out heart line products in the Store.  

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