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Life Lesson Based on Fingerprint Formations

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Your Life Lesson shows up in your fingerprints which are formed by 16-20 weeks after conception for most people. That's 5 months before most people are born. Your Life Purpose and Life School and also based on these fingerprint patterns..

Fingerprints are Soul Contracts/Soul Agreements because you have them from before birth until you die. Lines and hand shapes may change. Fingerprints don't. 

The Purpose of the Life Lesson: "The way through" and "the purpose of your life" according to downloads I've received from Guidance. 

The Purpose of the Life Lesson: "The way through" and "the purpose of your life" according to downloads I've received from Guidance. My guidance often comes through language, hearing words, phrases, one-liners from songs on the right side of my head.

Last decade I woke up one morning hearing these words, “Your Life Lesson is the way through.” That made complete sense as I knew the experience already because I had been reading and teaching about hands for 23 years.  A few months later, waking up again I hear, “Your Life Lesson is your Life Purpose.”

“What does that mean?” I queried. There are fingerprint patterns that identify Life Purpose that are different than the Life Lesson fingers. As I asked my questions, I learned it means that the master path of your Life Lesson is the key to your life working well or not. It is the key that supports your Life Purpose to be expressed with more ease. It is truly “the way through.”

The second download felt like a more refined and specific definition of how “the way through” works. Knowing this changed how I talk about Life Lesson in readings and teaching it. It meant the master path language needed to be presented as significant for fingers, thumbs and dermatoglyphics in the palms identified as Life Lesson locations.

How is Life Lesson Determined?
Life Lesson is based on a ranking system of the fingerprint patterns. The more complex the pattern the higher ranked (whorls are the most complex and have the most amount of lines). The highest ranking fingerprints identify your Life Purpose.

The fewer lines in the fingerprint pattern, the least complex fingerprint(s)  identify your Life Lesson. In the fingerprints examples below, arches are the simplest formations, fewest lines. You may not have arches or whorls so the other fingerprints become either high ranked or low ranked. That's why a Hand Analyst is necessary to identify these markings for you. Fingerprints can be complex. Ad you can see, whorls have many more lines than arches.

You may have multiple fingers or only one finger that identify Life Purpose. Same for Life Lesson. I also include the fingerprints in the palm as part of the identification. Not all hand analysts do that.  

Let's look at the soul contract, starting with this information:

Here is an excerpt from Shirley MacLaine's book Sage-ing While Age-ing. She is sharing information from interviewing Dr. Michael Newton, hypnotherapist. 

According to the 10,000 patients that Dr. Newton has regressed, they say each life builds on the next one like a spiral, the soul realizing and evaluating what it needs to face and perfect. From his research the souls say the decision to enter a new body comes after they see a fetus with at least four months of development in the womb, almost never before, because there is not enough developed brain tissue to interact and work with. The soul and the brain are two separate entities. The brain does “die” after death but the soul is immortal. Some souls, according to Newton and his patients don’t enter the body until after birth.

Before entering a new mind and body, a soul peruses the DNA, the neurological map and the karmic pattern of the family it will be entering into. A soul is always given a choice as to what it wants to experience and learn next time around. It’s given a choice of bodies (male or female; many souls alternate so they can be more understanding of each.)

Fingerprints are just as important as the other factors considered when a soul chooses (sex, race, body type, family, etc.)  as far as I'm concerned. Based on this research, since the fingerprints are in place by the time the soul chooses a body, the soul is also choosing their Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School. 

Which makes complete sense why fingerprints are then are a Soul Contract. The soul is actually CHOOSING the journey of the Life Purpose and Life Lesson - intentionally, as she says, because of "what it needs to face and perfect." 

Because your fingerprints, your soul contract, is with you at birth (and before) you ARE doing SOMETHING to express your Life Purpose and Lesson on a regular basis. How could that not be? Why would you have these contracts and not express them in some way? That makes no sense at all. 

You may not "know" that what you are organically expressing is your Purpose and Lesson because you don't have a container or language to identify the choices. Having read thousands of hands, I can tell you that I KNOW people are expressing this soul agreements regularly. Again, why would it be any different? Really? My point is: You ARE it. And you express it whether you have language for it or not. 

The juicy expansion is gaining detailed clarity and language, which I provide, for your Purpose and Lesson. That makes all the difference and can be life-changing. Clients have told me for years how much relief and permission they feel after readings to “be who I am designed to be.”

Your Life Lesson

Your Life Lesson, determined by your lowest ranking fingerprint(s), as mentioned above. It's a filter through which you look at your life, just as you do your Life Purpose. 

Some hand analysts talk about this as your major lesson, or your biggest challenge. I talk about it as your greatest gift and "the way through." It's the most significant path to having things be easy and flow in your life The more time you spend expressing the master path of your Life Lesson, the more ease and energy there is for your Life Purpose to be expressed.

When you feel stuck in the student path of your Life Lesson, it can feel challenging, hopeless maybe, frustrating or really difficult. If you have master path language for it, you can make different choices than "I'm in my Life Lesson and I can't do anything about it." You always can.  It requires consciousness, language and clarity. 

When I do readings or teach classes on fingerprints, people are consistently telling me, when I give them language for their Life Lesson, that they are very familiar with it. "That's right on!" or "I am so that!" or "that's the story of my life!" 

You can have up to 5 fingers marked as Life Lesson with each one having a specific meaning. If you have 6 lowest ranked then your School is your Life Lesson. I realize this won't make sense unless you have somebody identify your fingerprints. I'm sharing it because knowing the max is 5 may be a relief!

You have 10 fingers and each one has a fingerprint pattern. Each means something specific. What I do is decode the fingerprints and provide specific master and student path language and examples so you can identify for yourself where you are on the spectrum from master to student path in any given circumstance.

Here is an example. If your right index finger, called “Jupiter” in Hand Analysis, is marked as your lowest ranked fingerprint, then that is your Life Lesson finger. It’s a very common one based on hands I’ve read and have heard from other hand analysts.

When you are in the “lesson,” which is the student path language for that finger, you may feel powerless, in helpless overwhelm, give your power away to others, get into power struggles and/or diminish your power in order to feel loved.

When you are on the “Master path” of the lesson, which is “the way through” and “the purpose of your life” you feel powerful, you employ your visionary skill set, you own that you are influential and step into your leadership role.

One of Jupiter’s symbols in mythology is the eagle. So “eagle vision” is part of the visionary expression. Eagles are powerful birds with a wide, expansive vision as well as the ability to hone in on one tidy creature that provides food for the eagle.

On my youtube channel, Pamelah Landers, there are some videos that go into more detail about the fingerprints, Life lesson and Life Purpose. 

Remember, your fingerprints are your biology. I identify and decode your biology.


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