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Life School of Love - Based on Fingerprints

fingerprints hand analysis love palmistry sacred contracts self-love soul agreement soul contract May 26, 2024

School of Love Sacred Contract

In the chart below you can see multiple ways that "Loops" appear on hands. Loops are the fingerprint pattern that identify somebody to be in the School of Love. You need 6 to "qualify." It's the most common fingerprint pattern and the School of Love is the most common Life School. 

As a reminder, Sacred Contracts are soul agreements made by your Soul for its highest evolution. This choice is done with your soul and your Soul's council to advance your learning through physical incarnation. Your Soul + Soul Council choose your each life time body based on many factors, including fingerprints.

You are always expressing your sacred contracts in some way. The question is: are you feeling the soul satisfaction or is something more calling you?

The School of Love

You may be wondering about what a Sacred Contract example is for the Life Schools. 

As a reminder, the way I interpret Sacred Contracts is from your fingerprints, which are formed by 16 weeks after conception and never change. Other language includes Soul Contract and Soul Agreement.   

The big picture Sacred Contract for the School of Love is learning to love yourself – as my motto goes, “self-love is the bottom line.” This is one of my two Life Schools.  

Master Path School of Love Story

I’m choosing a regular life experience that doesn’t have big, far-reaching consequences so you might relate.  

In talking with one of my friends, who adores me, she said that she loves how brilliant I am and vulnerable in sharing my life stories with her. I agreed. “I am brilliant! And I am vulnerable.” I said. We both laughed because we know it’s true.  

Through loving myself, I own my greatness as well as my shadow. I don’t need to hide the dark stuff from her. I was sharing a story about another lifetime  where I was pretty awful, mean to others, very controlling and using my addiction to harm others. I owned it. I didn’t try to pretend it’s not true. It’s not attractive and it is real to me.

She appreciated my vulnerability and authenticity (which are two of the ways people in the School of Love are self-loving). She appreciated that I role modeled for her an expanded view of life that wasn’t on her radar. I appreciated myself for taking the emotional risk to share, regardless of her potential response that might judge me as nuts or crazy (especially about another lifetime conversation). Expressing my emotional authenticity regardless of another person's reaction is also on the list of School of Love characteristics. 

Student Path School of Love Story

In a conversation with Jim, he was making himself wrong for a way he treated his former wife in the past. Self-berating and not moving to a self-forgiving place, he stayed stuck in the conversation, repeating his mistake once again. I stopped him and said, “You know, this conversation is being mean to yourself. You are being self-abusive.”  

Jim paused when he realized what I was saying. Staying on the student path, beating himself up was definitely not a display of self-love. I was becoming uncomfortable listening and told him, “Jim, it’s so hard for me to listen to you go on about your history. Let’s find a different perspective.”  

We dove in and came up with two things:  

  1. It happened and yes, you acted that way. You staying stuck in that viewpoint is diminishing your life force energy. On all levels. Thus, your field of attraction is “staying stuck in self-diminishing energy.  How does that feel? “
  2. If you forgive yourself now, or move through to a different viewpoint, (whatever process works for you), you create a different energy field for you and your ex-wife. You both benefit by you changing your mind talk. And... your field of attraction is grace and self-kindness. I continued, “If I tried to compliment you right now, you wouldn’t hear it. It’s like the compliment would fly over your head and completely past you. You are not in receiving move to be kind to yourself.” See, a big intimacy barrier.

 These are two examples from real life about the School of Love. Are you getting an idea?


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