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The Sacred Contract of the School of Peace

In the chart below see the Arches which are the School of Peace fingerprint type.

The School of Peace is earth energy, grounded, tangible, driven by safety and security.  

Student Path School of Peace Story

We seated ourselves in my car, preparing to leave the parking garage. Sharon had just received news that her friend, Laurie, was not coming back to this apartment. She had been detained at airport security and was sent back to her home country. 

I watched Sharon go from one student path behavior, panic to another, numbing out, in a matter of seconds. Knowing she was in the School of Peace, I completely got it.  Fascinating to see how fast that happened. 

Realizing her safety net companion, to travel with her back to her home country would not be available AT ALL, it was emotionally overwhelming for Sharon. 

Flying alone was not an option in Sharon's world. The only way she could handle it in the moment was to numb out. That was her safety net for the moment.

Within a few minutes she had created a plan needed to clean out the apartment that wasn't going to be occupied again.  She got into "busy mode" to avoid feeling the panic. It would be about 6 more weeks until her travel visa was expiring.

Although there was an opportunity for her to stay in the now vacated apartment, she was too afraid. Not safe enough. So I'd take her there to do what cleaning up she needed to do during the day and whatever else I could help with, then pick her up when she was ready.  

Eventually she invited a friend to come from her homeland to retrieve her and travel home together. It was a long flight. Sharon needed a trusted traveling companion

The moments of continued panic and numbing out happened for a while longer. Some days it was very difficult to have her share with me what was going on so I had to use my intuition to figure out some stuff. Too hard to feel the emotions.

School of Peace Master Path Story

One of the ways to move from numbing out to taking action is the "daily adrenaline rush." This is where some event happens and you feel your adrenaline rushing again. It brings you back to focus. 

June had a tendency to misplace her purse. There were multiple places she would put it after walking in from the car. On the bathroom counter, on her bed, on the desk by refrigerator, in the den or even the living room if that was her first destination arriving home. she didn't have a "safe place" where she always lay it. 

When it was nearing time to go out, the adrenaline rush ensued, of locating her purse. It got her blood pumping. 

Which is one way to get out of numbness without causing harm. It's a safe and secure way, which matters to the person on the School of Peace, to step out feeling numb and into having feelings be OK.

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