Hand Analysis, the Science-based Form of Palmistry.

Here are examples of the four major fingerprint patterns. See the section below that talks about the purpose of these identity markings. 

Your hands are your individual Soul Map for this lifetime. Your body is your individual Soul Map as well, which is why no two people look exactly the same. 

All the information contained in the hands is also available in other parts of your body (if somebody knows how to decode it) like your face, or your eyes or your feet. So, each part of your body contains all of the same information as your entire body does. It’s so brilliant! Your hands are a microcosm of the whole body.

Your unique, personal hands map is determined by how your lines are drawn then interact with other lines, the shape and texture of your hands and fingers and your fingerprint markings.

No two hands are the same. Take a look at your left and right hands. Notice the difference in the line formations, for example.  Fascinating, right?

Scientific Hand Analysis, based on palmistry, is a teachable, learnable science. The value of it is the accurate and rapid access to your bottom-line core issues and core motivators. Hand Analysis confirms and clarifies. It gives you permission to appreciate and accept who you are.

What differentiates it from palmistry is that Hand Analysis is not predictive. It does not include fortune telling or talking about your future from a psychic prediction.

The basis of the science comes from medical journals that describe how fingerprint patterns start forming 14 weeks after conception and are completely formed by 16 to 20 weeks and never change. There are also structural rules that can apply to all lines, hand shape, finger shape and length.

Aristotle, a noted teacher of hand reading, said that palmistry was an ancient science worthy of the most noble minds.

Life Purpose

Your Life Purpose is identified by your fingerprints, which are formed by 16 weeks after conception. Five months before you are born, your Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School, all determined by your unique fingerprint patterns, are in place, never to change in your life time.

Fingerprints are technically called "dermatoglyphics"
dermato =skin
glyphics + carvings

which appear on your 10 fingers/thumbs, and may also appear in the palms.

Most commonly people have two of these types, rarely do all four show up on one person. Sometimes you may have all 10 of your digits with the same category of fingerprint archetype, like 10 whorls or 10 loops (most common).