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The Science of Fingerprint Formations

fingerprints hand analysis life purpose palmistry soul contract Feb 14, 2024

Fingerprints Part 1 - The Science

with Pamelah Landers, Expert Master Hand Analyst 

Over the years I’ve heard about or met people who talk about life purpose and help people determine theirs. In the coaching industry 'Life Purpose' is kind of a 'buzzword' in some circles.

In the Hand Analysis world, where I’ve been trained and practicing for 30+ years, Life Purpose is identified in fingerprints. So is Your Life Lesson. More about that below. 

It’s in your biology. I identify and decode your biology.

Having read over 50,000 hands, I'm an expert in this field.

Fingerprint Formation
Fingerprints are fully formed by 16 to 20 weeks after conception. For the majority of people it is 16 weeks.

This means that five months before you’re born your fingerprints are completely formed. And you have them until you die.

They never change. The fingerprints identify a SOUL contract/agreement. 

Everything else in the hands may change, can change. Fingerprints don’t.

This is based on research that Richard Unger did who developed the fingerprint system that I use. Richard's research on fingerprints came from reading many articles and books on fingerprints in the Medical Library at a college in Houston, Texas back in the 1970s. 

Add in the research I did on science and that provides the foundation for "Scientific Hand Analysis." 

Here is the evidence of why the system Richard Unger developed is actually considered "from science" or "science based."

According to, here is the definition of "Science:"  

  1.  A branch of knowledge of study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws. 

    2. Systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.
  2. Knowledge gained by systematic study.

This is how the Hand Analysis system was developed by Richard. He read books, observed and experimented by asking people to respond to what he read concerning specific markings, ultimately creating a systematized DATABASE of  learnable and teachable information. This system is very accurate and sustainable because its foundation is solid. He didn't put in anything unless it was agreed upon 100% by the people with the markings. 

What Your Fingerprints Tell You
In addition to your Life Purpose, your fingerprints identify your Life Lesson. Life Purpose and Life Lesson are based on a ranking system of the fingerprint patterns. The more complex the pattern the higher ranked. Whorls are the most complex and have the most amount of lines. Arches are the least complex because they have the fewest amount of lines.

The highest ranking fingerprints identify your Life Purpose. If you have any whorls, whatever fingers they appear on will be "Life Purpose" fingers. If you don't, then the loops will be the highest ranked.

The lowest ranked fingerprint formations determine Life Lesson. If you have arches, whatever fingers they appear on will be  your Life Lesson. It takes somebody trained in how to decode these fingerprint formations to determine which are highest and lowest ranked. I do that. 

You may have multiple fingers or only one finger that identify Life Purpose. Same for Life Lesson. I also include the fingerprints in the palm as part of the identification. Not all hand analysts do that. 

Your fingerprints may include only one of these types. Typically people have two of them on different fingers. More rarely all 3 or 4 types show up. For example, I don't have any whorls. I have mostly loops and a couple of tented arches. No arches. 


And...they may not look EXACTLY like these. They vary in their appearance.

And then there are the "'combination fingerprints." 

Here are a couple of combined fingerprint patterns. 


Plus, fingerprints can show up on the palm. Regardless of the location, as a reminder they are formed 16 weeks after conception and stay with you until you die. When they appear on the palm there are additional insights about your Life Purpose and Life Lesson.

A loop in the moon appears kind of commonly - around 25% of the time.

Why am I sharing this?

Because I am so committed to helping you with your Life Purpose and Life Lesson. I am passionate about your life being easier, you feeling more joy and pleasure and your Life Purpose provides that.

I'm passionate about helping you understand and identify your Life Lesson so you can use it as the most powerful tool in your life. It really is the "way through" to success in all parts of your life.

Knowing your Life Purpose and Life Lesson actually reduces stress in so many ways. It can reduce pressure as well. 

You have been expressing  your Life Purpose all along whether or not you know it. I provide language. I provide examples. I provide tangible ways that your are happiest and have the most ease to express these. "It's so obvious to me!" Sessions with me are interactive. 

So you can't get it wrong. You won't be surprised. And you will feel relief!

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