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fingerprints hand analysis palmistry Dec 11, 2023

When I first began learning about fingerprints in 1991 (33+ years ago!) (foundation to learning about Hand Analysis) one of the most fascinating aspects is realizing that the tiny lines that make up each fingerprint are also showing up in nature. 

These tiny lines are called "Pattern Minutiae." The first chart shows examples of the ways these individual lines may appear as part of the full fingerprint. You can see "full fingerprint examples" in the second section of graphics.

Organizations like the police or FBI look for multiple of these minutiae patterns on a fingerprint to identify you as unique. No two fingerprints are exactly the same, just like no two hands are.

Here are two examples of full fingerprints. The one on the left is called an "arch" and has the simplest design of all fingerprint types. It looks like an ant hill.  Fewer lines than the one on the right yet there are still multiple Pattern Minutiae that make up the overall print. 

The one on the right is a "Peacock" which is a combination of a loop and whorl. I chose it because it was one of the clearest examples in my collection and easy to see the lines. It's kind of a complex pattern. You can see how varied the little tiny lines are. 


These same Pattern Minutiae show up in nature such as in Zebra stripes or sand dune ridges. Spider webs and grains in wood also contain these pattern shapes. Those are only a few examples.

In the next newsletter I'll show you examples of how these same Pattern Minutiae show up in nature.

It's fascinating.

In Hand Analysis, fingerprints, which are formed 16 weeks after conception and never change, identify your Soul Agreements: Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School.

Those three facets are determined by how many of any type you have (Life School) or where the lowest and highest ranked fingerprints reside (on which fingers.) I will explain more about this in another newsletter. 

There are four basic patterns: Arch, Tented Arch, Loop and Whorl. You may not have ones that look like the examples here. I don't. 

Hope this info was kind of interesting about the importance of your fingerprints being used for your identity...on so many levels. 

To learn more about how fingerprints are formed before birth check out this blog.


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