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Fingerprints = Sacred Contracts

fingerprints hand analysis life purpose palmistry sacred contracts soul agreement May 26, 2024

Do you know that your fingerprints contain 3 Sacred Contracts? Also called Soul Agreements or Soul Contracts.  

Sacred Contact #1: Your Life School based on how many of each fingerprint type you have.
Sacred Contract #2: Your Life Purpose based on your highest ranking fingerprint patterns

Sacred Contract #3: Your Life Lesson based on the lowest ranking fingerprint patterns 

In the chart below you can see the four major fingerprint types and their Schools.

“The Great Spirit breathes in the breath of life and the tracks of that breath become our fingerprints.” Navajo Saying

Having read thousands of hands over 30+ years I know for sure that everybody is expressing their soul contracts in some way. Maybe it's really clear for you, maybe it's fuzzy, it definitely changes over time, and maybe there just isn't consciousness because you don't have language for it. can't not express your soul contract!!!!!! It's a given in my world. 

I have yet to read for somebody who is surprised by what I describe as their soul contractsYup! Again and again!!!! 

What is a "sacred contract" and why does it matter to you?

For the last 40+ years I've been investigating the answer to this question for myself. 

A summary of what I've learned from various sources is this:

Each soul chooses a body into which to incarnate in physical form. It's chosen by the soul and the soul's council for the purpose of the soul's evolution. The "council" varies according to the source of this information.

Your soul choice is not done alone nor casually

Life is a school where you learn how to remember what your soul already knows.”  Unknown

The point is: you are not here by accident. Your soul has very specific agreements, contracts and arrangements for your soul's evolutionary success. 

All the details are specifically chosen such as gender, country of birth, race, family members (all soul agreements for everybody's evolution), birth order. 

Plus, fingerprints. 

Dr. Michael Newton, hypnotherapist, regressed over 10,000 patients to lives between lives. One of the summary conclusions that almost all of them experienced is that the soul chooses the body about 4 months after conception because there is enough brain tissue developed. 

That is the same time the fingerprints are complete. They begin forming at 8 weeks after conception and complete most often by 16 weeks (4 months) after conception. 

It's my feeling that the soul is also choosing the fingerprints as part  of the many contracts for a specific body.   How could it be otherwise? (head scratching going on!)

In my world, it's kind of a "duh!"

These contracts, then are not to be dismissed or taken lightly. They are intentional. They mean something specific. 

Each incarnated human has a specific path to be walking with an agreement at a soul level. Again, not an accident. "No way, Jose!"

This agreement appears all over your body, repeatedly. No matter what system is used to decode who you are in this life, the crossovers are so remarkably the same.

You are the same person no matter what system is applied. Your soul map is your soul map. 

One of the major patterns for me is as a teacher archetype. It shows up in every "chart" used to decode my soul contract. 

In this course, we are looking at your soul contract of Life School because it's an overarching energy for your life. 

It's in fingerprints, that never change. Until you die, your fingerprints are with you, on your hands, to be decoded constantly and in a way of evolution.

How you express as a child is different than as a young adult or an older adult. 

The theme is constant, the expression can change. The thread is steady, the style of sharing shifts. 

You can see more about the details of fingerprint formations on this blog post.  
This blog post shows the technical formation of fingerprints and why police and FBI use your fingerprints for your identity.


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