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School of Service Based on Fingerprints

fingerprints hand analysis palmistry sacred contracts school of service service soul agreement soul contract May 26, 2024

The School of Service Examples  

As we continue the exploration of sacred contracts based on fingerprints, let's look at the 2nd most common Life School: the School of Service (School of Love is most common). The School of Service is comprised of Whorls fingerprint patterns. See the chart with the many ways these might appear. 

They may also appear as Composite Whorls which look like two loops nesting. I also talk about these patterns as the yin/yang symbol. See the blog specifically on composites. 

The big picture Sacred Contract for the School of Service is being of service through communication. Other types of service are acceptable but nowhere near as satisfying as communication/teaching, sharing data, knowledge and wisdom.  

Story 1 - Student Path to Master Path School of Service 

Being called on to take her mother-in-law to doctor's appointments was beginning to irritate Jane. Having retired, and her time "now available", she was often called upon to perform this service.  

However, it was so not satisfying to her. In fact, she was  feeling resentful and stuck because she didn't feel free to say "no" to the requests. 

Once we talked about how important service through communication is as a style of being in service, she lit up and felt a big sense of relief. Excitedly confirming by telling me about one friendship where that was true, Jane felt the truth in her body. 

It took a while for her to implement more communication time. Jane admitted her favorite time with others involved deep conversations focused on personal growth. Being part of a group where that was a style of expression, I suggested she consider adding more options to her schedule. She has and it's working well for Jane. She has a dedicated day every week for these engaging relationships. Sharing her information/knowledge and wisdom makes her so happy! And she authentically listens to others share their stories. Communication is a two-way street- talking and listening.

Story 2 - Student Path to Master Path

Shani was ready to quit her Reiki practice.  Not because she was frustrated with the practice. It was a communications issue.  Having been trained to be quiet during a session, she was missing her Sacred Contract of sharing insights with clients. After a session was complete, then they would talk. This often took meant more time than she bargained for. And all the importance insights weren't always shared. Unsatisfying!

When I hired her to support me with her gifts, my first request was that during a session, I wanted to hear her insights. What intuitive downloads were coming through? What could she feel was happening energetically? Or physically in my body?

It was SO satisfying to both of us. I love her intuitive skill sets which I knew she had. Shani felt a huge sense of relief to be able to share with me. Plus, we worked together. Both of us receiving whatever was relevant in the moment, co-creating the insights I was asking for.
Soon other clients would join in this sharing back and forth. Now she's thriving and happy with this style of expressing her Sacred Contract of Service through Communication.

These are two examples of how people I know are expressing their fingerprint patterns of being in the Life School of Service through communication.

You can pictures of how the Whorl pattern shows up in nature in this blog post. 

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